Class Documents:

Course Guidelines [PDF]

Cases for Reading:

April Enterprises, Inc. v. KTTV (Cal. App. 1983) (abridged) [PDF]
Waverly Productions, Inc. v. RKO General, Inc. (Cal. App. 1963) (unabridged) [PDF]
De Guere v. Universal City Studios, Inc. (Cal. App. 1997) (abridged) [PDF]
Laws v. Sony Music Entertainment, Inc., 448 F. 3d 1134 (9th Cir. 2006) (unabridged) [PDF] [HTML]

Other Materials for Reading:

James Adam Blair Boon -w- Queer Eye LLC / Talent Agreement [PDF]
Trista Rehn -w- Syndicated Productions, Inc. / Bachelorette Agreement [PDF]

FCC Consumer Fact Sheets for Reading:

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Old Exams:

Reading for Copyright Quiz:

Reading for Trademark Quiz:

Read the following articles by following the links on Nolo's trademark site (look under "Related Articles"):
  • Types of Trademarks FAQ
  • Qualifying for Trademark Protection FAQ
  • Filing a Federal Trademark Application FAQ
  • Enforcing Your Trademark Rights
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