Torts I & II – 2008-2009 – University of North Dakota School of Law

Johnson's Torts Compendium for 2008-2009:

Walter v. Wal-Mart
Boyd v. Racine Currency Exchange [pdf]
South v. Amtrak [pdf]
Dobson v. Dobson [pdf]
Beswick v. CareStat [pdf]
Anderson v. Cryovac
Hunt v. Ohio DRC [pdf]
Wishnatsky v. Huey [pdf]
Benally v. Navajo Nation [pdf]
The Jungle by Upton Sinclair, excerpt [pdf]
Pub. L. No. 110-140, Title XIV [pdf]
April Enterprises v. KTTV [pdf]

Johnson's Torts Referenced Works for 2008-2009:

A Civil Action (film, Touchstone Pictures, 1998)

The Wypadki:

Class Documents:

Class Documents for Torts I:

Class Documents for Torts II:

Classroom Notes and Presentations:

Classroom Notes and Presentations for Torts I:

Classroom Notes and Presentations for Torts II:

Midterm Quiz from Torts I 2007:

Final Examination from Torts I 2007:

Prior Announcements:

Posted August 19, 2008:

Announcements for all first-year students:

1. There is no reading assignment for the first day of class.

2. Please note that it pays to shop around for books, particularly your torts casebook (Prosser, Wade, Schwartz, Kelly and Partlett's Cases and Materials on Torts, 11th Ed., ISBN 1587788748).
  • Barnes & Noble’s used books are priced quite high ($90, if I remember correctly), and many of them are marked up with so much highlighting and handwriting, it’s liable to drive you crazy.
  • Barnes & Noble’s price for new books ($120, I think) is better, but they didn’t order any to have in stock. That’s annoying for many students who would prefer a new book.
  • Dakota Textbook (near University Ave. & 42nd) was selling used books for a bargain price ($68.50, I believe), but they are now out of stock. I talked to their manager, and they are going to try to get more used books in at that price. They told me they are also going to try to order some new books and match B&N’s listed price of $120.
  • Your best bet may be or some other online retailer. YOU WON’T NEED YOUR CASEBOOK UNTIL, AT THE EARLIEST, YOUR PREP FOR THE SEPTEMBER 10, 2008 CLASS. That means you have plenty of time to order online and get your books delivered. When I checked, Amazon was selling new books for $101.17 with free shipping. Used books were priced at $60.00 and up.
Posted January 2009:

Welcome back!

Reading for the first day of the Spring semester:

DLM treatise:
§§ 15.01-15.03 (pp. 230-237)


Butterfield v. Forrester (K.B. 1809) (pp. 586-587)
Davies v. Mann (Excq. 1842) (p.591)

Special materials available in advance of the exam:

Best of luck!