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Prof. Eric E. Johnson
at the University of North Dakota




Negligence's X Factor, __ Cardozo Law Review de novo __ (forthcoming)
Intellectual Property and Disability, 20 George Mason University Civil Rights Law Journal __ (forthcoming)
A Populist Manifesto for Learning the Law, __ Journal of Legal Education __ (forthcoming)
The Covert Life of Trade Secrets, 33 Hamline Law Review __ (forthcoming symposium issue)

Professor Eric E. Johnson
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“wypadki” is a recursive portmanteau: Why prepare an individual outline when you can use a wypadki?

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  • Shows teacher how students perceive and organize
Torts Wypadki
Covers negligence, strict liability, intentional torts, economic torts, and more. From Prof. Eric E. Johnson's Torts class.
Evidence Wypadki
Covers hearsay, relevance, privileges, and more. From Prof. Kit Johnson's Evidence class.
Media & Entertainment Law Wypadki
Covers defamation, agency regulation, reality-television waivers, film deals, literary property, indemnification, entertaiment unions, idea submission, fair use, and more. From Prof. Eric E. Johnson's Media & Entertainment Law class.
Intellectual Property Wypadki
Covers copyright, trademark, patent, trade secrets, and more. From Prof. Eric E. Johnson's Intellectual Property class.
Administrative Law Wypadki
Covers the Administrative Procedures Act, constitutional requirements, and more. From Prof. Kit Johnson's Administrative Law class.
Professional Responsibility Wypadki
Covers duties to clients, duties to the court, and more. From Prof. Kit Johnson's Professional Responsibility class.